STO & ESA Scholarships

Private school is within reach, don’t miss out.

Tipping Point Academy participates in several programs offering tuition aid and STO scholarships through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit. Parents are encouraged to contact the organization of their choice. We also partner with a STO advisor who can answer questions and provide assistance to families desiring to enroll at Tipping Point Academy.


STO Scholarships

Affording Christian education is possible for everyone because of Arizona’s unique Tax Credit Laws!
All students enrolled in Tipping Point Academy qualify for at least one scholarship option and may be eligible for even more based on income or other certain circumstances. Reach out to our Scholarship Partner below for more details and our next training.
At Tipping Point Academy, we would love to meet with you and discuss this program to get your private school tuition paid.

Affording Arizona Christian School Tuition

STO Scholarships

Student Tuition Organizations (STOs) help families secure tuition scholarships through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program so that AZ students can attend the private school of their choice. Simply stated, the AZ Tuition Tax Credit allows Individuals, C-Corps and S-Corps to direct the taxes they owe to certified STOs which provide student scholarships.

  • Individual Scholarships

    STO Tuition Tax Credits from Individual taxpayers to K-12 applicants have a unique advantage. The taxpayer can recommended a specific student to receive those funds. Tipping Point Academy students may apply with as many of our STO partners as possible.

  • Corporate Scholarships

    STO Tuition Tax Credits from Corporate taxpayers have a unique mission. The Corporate Tax Credit Program funds K-12 students with demonstrated financial need, disabilities, or who are displaced. Unlike tax credit scholarships from Individual taxpayers, the corporate tax credit is not allowed if the taxpayer designates the contribution for the direct benefit of any specific student.

ESA Scholarships

An Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) is an account funded with 90% of the state funding that would have otherwise been allocated to the school district or charter school for the eligible student. Eligibility for this program includes transferring from a “failing school,” having a disability, or having a parent who is active duty military. To learn more, visit the Arizona Department of Education website.

Our Student Tuition Organizations


Is there help for parents?

Yes. Our scholarship advisor can help you apply for Tuition Scholarships.

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