All About Principled Scholarship and Biblical Character

Our Values

Tipping Point Academy families will enjoy an educational environment with a biblical worldview. Here, a child is seen as a unique expression of God’s love who deserves an education that cultivates wisdom, natural curiosity, and a love for learning.


We respect God-centered individuality and value absolute truth not relativism or socialism.


We incorporate the proven cornerstones of learning—Reason, Research, Record, Relate—in our methodology.


We provide classical sources of study, and prioritize reasoning and wisdom guided by providential history.


Principled Scholarship and Biblical Character

Certainly the earlier generations of the American Founders were classically educated: their knowledge of classical language, literature and history is widely acknowledged by historians and played a fundamental part in shaping the American Constitution and political philosophy.
Christopher A. Perrin M.Div., Ph.D.

The Principle Approach®

During the time of the Declaration of Independence, the most successful method of education ever practiced in America made possible a highly educated populace with literacy rates from 70%–100%. Foreign elites were astonished at the level of erudition reflected in the American State Papers as those documents began to arrive in Europe. This historic method of education was documented by Rosalie J. Slater and published in 1965 as The Principle Approach®. The quality of education at this period in history resulted in:
  • the greatest LIBERTY
  • the greatest PROSPERITY, and an
  • envied system of GOVERNMENT

K-12 Curriculum


Summit Worldview

Builds a solid biblical worldview, Socratic questioning, apologetics, and real-life application to today’s world. Learn more...


The Noah Plan

Models the educational approach at the time of America’s founding when literacy was at an all-time high. Learn more...



K-8 electives include languages, music, visual & performing arts, physical education, and life skills. Learn more...


Project-based Learning

Work on a project over an extended period

Solve a ‘real-world’ problem or answer a complex question or challenge.

Creating a public product or presentation for a real audience.

Develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.

Noah Plan Curriculum






History & Geography


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