Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Tipping Point Academy qualifies for school tax credits and maintains partnerships with two School Tuition Organizations (STOs). Arizona’s new Universal ESA Expansion – the School Choice Program – is also available for grades K and up. 

Not only will Tipping Point Academy applicants have access to scholarships through school tax credits, but applicants will benefit from guidance provided by our staff and/or consultants who are knowledgeable about ESA and STO scholarships.

Yes, parents may elect to pay monthly. See our Admissions Page for terms.

Tuition is $7,500 annually for Jr. K, $8,500 annually for K, and $9,500 annually for grades 1 and up. Parents may elect to pay in full for the year or use one of our monthly plans. Please see our Admissions Page for more details. 

Original Scholarships are funded through the Original Individual Tax Credit Law, enacted in 1997 as A.R.S. 43-1089. Any student enrolled in a private school in grades K-12 (or a preschooler with disabilities) qualifies for this scholarship. Specifically, Jr-K doesn’t qualify unless the student has a disability.

Tipping Point Academy is located at 5334 E. Thunderbird Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 near the intersection of 56th St and Thunderbird Rd.

8:30am – 3:00pm for 1st grade and up.

8:30am – 2:30pm for Jr. K & Kindergarten.

Children may arrive at 8:00am am and play on the playground until 8:30am.

Yes. Students are required to wear their Tipping Point Academy T-Shits in Navy Blue, Red, or Grey, or the option of Polo’s with the TPA Patch in the same colors. Navy Blue or Dark Grey pants/shorts, or skirts for girls (skirts must be at least to top of the knees in length).

Tipping Point Academy provides curriculum for bible studies and academic coursework from trusted bible-based publishers, such as Summit Bible by Summit Ministries. Learn More about our curriculum.

As a religious organization, TPA will not cede its first amendment rights to freely exercise our faith and to peaceably gather. School closures will accommodate planned events and incidents involving our physical plant, acts of God, or intrusions posing such a threat that law enforcement or the fire department must intervene.

Some classes may be combined in the beginning of the school year, depending on enrollment. PreK/K, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th-8th rotation classes and a high school pod.

Our teachers may accommodate certain special needs, however parents should consult with our Education Director prior to registering their student. We have Special Education teachers on a consultation basis.

Children bring their own lunches. Special lunch day opportunities will be available throughout the year but a special lunch program is planned for future semesters.

Children will be taught skill concepts in P.E., but will be encouraged to take part in team sports outside of school.

No. Masks are not allowed for safety and security reasons.

Buses will not be provided but parents are encouraged to use the Carpool App to work with other parents to transport your children to and from school.

Tipping Point Academy offers both before school and after school care. Visit our Admissions Page for details.

Yes. Tipping Point Academy will perform background checks and vet all staff, teachers, volunteers and persons with responsibilities that put them in proximity to our students.