Things were falling apart at my son’s public school with the shut down and e-learning.

We decided to pull him from the public school system and homeschool him. I loved homeschooling him but wanted a better fit for us and his education.

I went to an event at the capital and heard about Tipping Point Academy. Over the summer, my son attended Arrows Summer Day Camp and has been in an amazing place with God learning to be a leader and a free thinker, plus his respect for others has grown so much. I see so much love in his heart, and I just knew we made the right choice for him.

He was on an IEP (Individualized Education Program) for his ADHD. When the shutdown came and we started home schooling him, I realized that he was far more behind than the school let us know about. I feel like he was just pushed through like he didn’t need to learn anything, but now, we are so happy and excited for him to start at Tipping Point Academy.

Private Christian School Testimonial - Portrait

Amber Knight

GSA Volunteer

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.
Joel 2:28
Tipping Point Academy has made an impact on our family and I’ve seen it in Jake. He is learning what it means to be a Patriot and made sure all his flag shirts were washed and ready for camp the next day. He even asked if he could attend on the weekend!!!
Scott Strong
GSA Promotions Coordinator

I was worried on where to send my eighth grader, and then I found out about tipping point. Because I homeschooled him for four years before we went to chaparral Christian last year. They decided in July to not do middle or high school anymore, so I was so stressed about it. My son did not want to be homeschooled again, he wanted to be with other children. So I was struggling, I went on so many tours (9). Every private and Christian school. Nothing caught my heart. So, one night, I posted in one of my homeschool Christian groups, after praying about it. Down to the drawing board.

I asked them if they were to send their child to a school, what school would it be. That is the first time I heard about tipping point. It’s like it just came out of the woodwork right after I prayed. The next day was the informational meeting on a Thursday. We went to it. I searched all over the website, etc.. I asked Debra all kinds of questions, etc. At first my husband was unsure, because it was so new. But honestly, I just felt it in my heart that it was right. And my husband just walked beside me.

Anyways, my son came home today, he told me all about his day. He was so excited. He said he loves it there. It just made my heart melt, knowing I made the right choice.

Jennifer Buehler

TPA Parent Teacher Community Lead

Private Christian School Testimonial - Portrait
Our kids had an awesome first day. Thank you all and thank you Jesus the author of everything. My family and I are truly blessed to be a part of the GSA and TPA family.
Tipping Point Academy Testimonial - Robbie Louchheim
Robbie Louchheim
GSA Membership Coordinator
Day two of camp and my son has already made two new friends. He said “mum, I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.”
Tipping Point Academy Testimonial - Erica Schwartz
Erica Schwartz
TPA Volunteer

From our community

A former school teacher heard about Tipping Point Academy and did something unexpected.

Private Christian School Testimonial - Portrait

Our son has tended to be more resistant to church and faith based topics. Last school year we were listening to worship music as we pulled into his public school and he said “turn it down mom, this is embarrassing.” My heart broke. I bought him “The Power of the Praying Kid”, which was tossed into a corner and never opened. He sometimes complained about going to church.

After one week at Tipping Point camp he got in the car and was so excited to listen to the fruits of the spirit song. He wouldn’t let me leave the parking lot without playing it. He was singing at the top of his lungs. He since has voluntarily read 1/2 of “The Power of the Praying Kid” and has eagerly described to us what he learned. And recently, when given an option to stay home from church, he said “mom I really want to go to church with you.”
Trust me when I say this is a complete turnaround for our son and it has all happened since attending Tipping Point camp and preparing to enter school here. We could not be more excited and grateful for this school!!!

Luke and Alicia Johnson

Tipping Point Academy Parents

I told them all about Tipping Point Academy. My son said he wants to come there because he wants to learn to grow a garden, sell things, make money and have a business! My daughter said she wants to be free to learn and talk about Jesus. They are very excited!
Tipping Point Academy Testimonial - Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson
Mother of 3 | Tipping Point Academy Promotions team

How is Tipping Point Academy different?

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